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"There are many photographers, but only a few can capture your wedding by photo. Fortunately we can."


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Lead Photographer TIMOTHY BEARDEN

Timothy Bearden has been taking photos since he was a child. After seeing one of his photos after a trip to Nicaragua, a friend stated "you have an eye for photography." Ever since he has been taking photos to better develop his craft. Timothy went to La Sierra University and got a Bachelors degree in Art, emphasizing in Photography. While there he gained the knowledge to develop his own prints in the darkroom and using digital photography to print images. He also developed skills in experimental photography, with an emphasis in Infrared film, digital hybrids, and polaroid manipulation. Even though the digital field has revolutionized photography, Timothy still has a passion to shoot with film.

Since graduating, Timothy began using his skill to take photos of weddings. He has gained the finest equipment so that no pictures go unmissed and prints can be printed in the highest quality available. In addition to photography, Timothy enjoys painting and spending time with his wife of one year. Some more of his other artwork can be viewed by clicking here.



Assistant Photographer JOLENE BEARDEN

Jolene Bearden has been there every step of the way with Timothy Bearden. Jolene and Timothy have been married since December 17, 2006. Ever since, Jolene has been going with Timothy to take photos of weddings to make sure no shot is left unattempted. Aside from photography, Jolene currently works as an Registered Nurse for UC Davis Children's Hospital. She is also expecting a baby in April. Jolene is a blessing to have as she captures your wedding by photo.


Jolene Bearden Photo | Inland Empire Wedding Photographer
Daniel Martinez Photo | Inland Empire Wedding Photographer

Assistant Photographer DANIEL MARTINEZ

Daniel Martinez was handed a camera to take photos for a wedding, and has never looked back. He has continuously sought to learn more about the technical side of photography while trying to find his niche in taking pictures. Daniel joined Timothy Bearden in October of 2007 in taking photos for weddings. Ever since, Timothy and Daniel have been a tag team duo to make sure every memory is captured in a wedding by photo. Daniel makes every effort to get the perfect shot.

Even though Daniel enjoys taking photos, he also enjoys spending time with his wife and two young girls. He also works for Mission Ambulance as an administrator.





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